TIPS & TRICKS Surviving Avalanches: A Camper’s Guide

Natural disasters may not be within our control, but we can always weather the strongest storm if we arm ourselves with knowledge and skills. Whether you are camping with a group or not, preparing yourself for the worst situations can help you survive even the most extreme weather conditions. In this edition, we have prepared a guide on surviving avalanches when you are out on your trails.

What You Need to Know about Landslides and Avalanches

Surviving landslides and avalanches is never as easy as it sounds. Moving at speeds that can reach up to 80 mph, avalanches can put your life in jeopardy in just a blink of an eye. Aside from soil and snow pouring downhill, sharp rocks and debris can also come crashing down the hill, plowing everything within their path.

Indeed, these natural calamities are lethal. In worst case scenarios, you can be buried down the ground alive. Basically, the best way to survive an avalanche or a landslide is not to go camping in an event of a potential threat. Before packing your bags, check weather reports and ask local rangers about the probability of a landslide or an avalanche. If the weather is bad, re-schedule your camping plans.

Surviving Avalanches and Landslides

With early preparation and awareness, surviving doesn’t have to be a million light years away. Remember, as a camper, getting out of your camping site alive should never be just an option. If you are caught in a landslide or an avalanche, below are some of the things you need to do:

Choose Your Camping Site Wisely: Before going out on a camping trip, study your location and identify the most ideal camping spots. Never camp near the base of a hill or a steep incline. Also, don’t set-up your tent near the edges of the top of an incline.
Stay Away from the Center of an Incline: An avalanche typically moves towards the center of an incline as it moves downwards. Hence, when you are hiking up, always stay away from the middle of the incline so you can increase your chance of surviving landslides and avalanches.
Hold on to a Tree: Since avalanches can move at top speeds, running away wouldn’t be a wise decision. Instead, look for a big tree and grab its branches.
Swim Uphill: In case you are caught in an avalanche, swim uphill so you won’t be buried deep down the soil, snow and debris. Paddle as hard as you can and try your best to keep your head above the ground.
Stay Calm: In case keeping your head above the ground isn’t possible, keep calm and cup your hand on your mouth. This will give you enough space to breathe. Relax and do deep breathing exercises.
Stick out Any Item: If you can’t move your head or your body, stick out a tree branch or a tiny piece of wood above the ground so the rescue team would be able to locate you immediately.

Surviving avalanches and landslides is not child’s play. However, if you have the will to survive, no calamity can ever keep you under the ground.

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Real Estate – Tips to Have Successful Investment

Now there are lots of investors who are already into real estate investing. Because of the mortgage crisis that happens during the past year, prices of properties began to drop.Now there are lots of affordable properties that are out in the market. Though there are lots of affordable properties that are available in the market, it is still hard to invest especially if you do not have any idea of how to do it. There are several risks that you need to face before you can finally succeed in this venture. If you want to be successful in investing in Miami real estate here are some of the important tips.And, because the main attraction in this great city is the beach, there are lots of beachfront properties that you can buy. But this does not mean that there are no other properties that you can choose. There are some inland properties that you can find in the city. But if you are going to ask those potential investors, most of them prefer to have beachfront properties than those traditional single-family homes.Miami is a well known tourist spot. There are lots of tourists who decide to permanently stay in this great city because of those opportunities that they can enjoy in the city. Now because of the growing influx of tourist in the city and decided to settle down permanently, there are lots of choices in Miami real estate that you can choose from. Most of the developer started to build and develop numerous properties in order to cater the growing needs of those tourists. Because of the unlimited options that Miami can offer, it is important that you have to choose among these choices so that you can make a successful investment.One of the best things that you can do is to open your eyes with those possible options that you could have. You have to make a research in order to gain information that can make you achieve your goal. It is also helpful to seek advice from those people who have extensive experience in investing in Miami real estate.For sure all of these things are a little bit hard for a first time. With this, it is important that you have to seek help from those professional. There are lots of people who can help you out to have a successful investment. There are real estate agents; inspector, appraiser and lawyer that can help you achieve your goal. Through the help of these professional you can have a hassle-free investment in Miami real estate.

Your Website is Real Estate

Blog and website owners have many tasks on their plate and tons of new features and tips to mull over. One of the basics for blogging and webmastering for success is remembering the way real estate works when designing and adding value to your site.You can’t just pile on the widgets and backlinks and forget them just like you can’t just buy a home and not keep it up, maintain it or update it. Frequent house cleaning is required and you need to periodically check that all those links and widgets are still active and up to date. You’ll do your site harm if you’re linking to dead links or sites where content has changed beyond your set standard.Your sidebar is your driveway and sidewalk. Your sidebar will typically be filled with color, many different advertisements and widgets. Just like walking onto a property for the first time, people judge the rest of your home/site by how they are greeted on the approach. Tone it down. Keep it minimal if possible and if not, organize your space so that the ads mesh well together and there’s nothing offensive to your site or content.Selecting the perfect paint colors is the same for your website. You wouldn’t paint your living room black and accent it with fluorescent yellow and green, would you? You want your home and site to be a relaxing oasis and have a welcoming feel. Visitors will likely stay longer if they feel comfortable. Stay away from too many combinations as it becomes too busy. Your call to action and award winning article will be swallowed in the over abundance of colors. You’re selling your site to your viewer. You may even be selling a product or service. While online, you can’t sell face to face so the next impression are the colors that hit your readers upon entry. Depending on your site’s subject, your personality or the personalities you’re trying to attract, here are standard colors, what they’re associated with and what type of psychological emotion they invoke in people:PURPLE – feminine, luxurious, eccentric, royal, dreamy.BLUE – success, sincerity, trust, professional, power, truth, respect, seriousness.ORANGE – cheap, young, vacation, comedy, celebrating, fun.WHITE – safe, simple, clean, conservative, inhibition, innocent, pure.PINK – teen, youth, party, fun, baby, maternal, feminine, soft, sweet.GREEN – eco, outdoors, money, winning, animals, life, serene, global, political, healing.BLACK – attitude, seriousness, negative, dark, gloomy, cover up, secret.BROWN – earthy, homey, eco, nature, simple, safe, emotional, warm.YELLOW – loud, action, seasonal, youth, fun, questioning.GREY – business, safe, calm, trustworthy, neutral, reserved.RED – bold, loud, statement, call to action, attention, adventure, definite, passionate, danger.Keeping it simple is a nightmare but necessary. After having a website or blog for years, you’ve accumulated widgets and social networking buttons galore. You’re becoming a Realtor’s worst nightmare, a pack rat. We don’t like selling homes that are cluttered and it’s one of the hardest things to get the owner to recognize. We’re all guilty of buying new gadgets, adding new shoes to the closet and new buttons and features to our sites. It’s time to declutter. What do you absolutely not need on your sidebars? What hasn’t brought you an eyeball in months? What site that you’re required to link to can fit on the very bottom of your page tucked away from eyes? Ticking clocks and calendars are a waste of space. You may think they look great and while they might, get rid of them. Thanks for the redundant reminder, but everyone online has a clock and calendar on their taskbar.Walking into a property or website should positively land that first impression. 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Invest wisely now and take proper care of your virtual real estate. For more information and real estate tips, visit my Ohio real estate blog.